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Technology Center

Our company is identified as the technical center of Shandong Province, with the physical and mechanical properties test, optical inspection, weather proof test and so on from raw material inspection to finished product inspection. Liquid chromatograph can be used for qualitative analysis for content of additives. Melt index instrument can inspect melt flow rate of raw materials. Tensile testing machine can inspect physical and mechanical performance test for the product. Transmittance of fog, UV light spectrophotometer, and Infrared Transmittance Measuring Instrument are our real-time monitoring and control of high transparent, high performance insulation performance for coating film. Bath, xenon lamp weather resistance test box, UV weather resistance test box and so on can inspect weather ability of agriculture. In addition, we have comprehensive inspection of the geomembrane equipment, such as carbon black content meter, carbon black dispersion measuring instrument, differential scanning calorimeter.


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