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2019/04/30 09:02
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Tianhe Plastic

Shandong Tianhe Plastic Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise and enterprise technology center in Shandong province. It is known as “China Geosynthetic material polyethylene Geomembrance production and export base.Meanwhile,it is one of Top50 Enterprises in plastic trade in Shandong province. It is vice chairman in China Plastics Processing Industry Association, deputy director in Special Committee of Agriculture Film China Plastics Processing Industry Association, director in China Plastics Application Technology Institute , branch director in China Plastics Application Technology Institute of agriculture plastic products, vice president of Shandong Academy of Ariculture Plastic Engineering and key production enterprise in Shandong Plastic Industry.

The company has been committed to technological innovation and progress of enterprise. It continues to use new technologies and new materials, and continues to explore new formulations. At the same time, it has completed a series of technological innovation, and has won 18 national patents. Our products has won “National Free Inspection” and “Shandong Famous Brand”. The products are exported to more than 30 countries in the world. Our company is the advanced export enterprise in Zibo city.

Long-term anti-drip polyethylene film with coating which was developed in 2008,obtained national patent in 2009, and was listed as key sector of the technological innovation and industrialization project by the Nation Development and Reform Commission. The products created a new era of Chinese film, and was a revolution of Chinese film. It pioneered the 5th generation of new agricultural films inChina. Our company was promoted to the national high-tech enterprise in 2010. It carried on the science and technology support program project with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, and Shandong Agricultural University. It is developing the degradable mulch film and the light matching greenhouse film. The products are about to launch the market and industry.

The company ahs set up a excellent technology development and a professional test center. It has also improved the quality management system. We can produce smooth high density polyethylene geomembrane, smooth linear low density polyethylene geomembrane, single & double side textured high density polyethylene geomembrane, single & double side textured low density polyethylene geomembrane, double colors high density polyethylene geomembrane, double colors low density polyethylene geomembrane, ultra soft and low temperature resistant polyethylene geomembrane, heat shrink film container liquid packaging film, container liquid transport line film, PE solid wall pipe and other products. Our annal capacity is 80000 MT of output.

The company has presided over and participated in the development of a number of national standards. We presided over the development of 2 industry standards:QB/T 4475-2013《long-term anti-drip polyethylene greenhouse film with coating》; QB/T 4474-2013《 Container liquid transport polyethylene lined film》. And we participated in the development of 3 national standards:GB 4455-2006《Polyethylene blown covering film for agriculture》,GB/T 20202-2006《Ethylene for agriculture-vinyl acetate copolymer blown covering film》;GB/T 17643-2010《Geosynthetics-Polyethylene geomenbrane》.

The company creat excellence for the production and management ideas,innovative beyond as the core competitiveness ,to creat value for the enterprise work objective,and strive to build world-class brand,to become leading industry to ensure that the company’s long-term partner can be satisfied wih the execellent products and services.